3 of the Best Percussion Massager Guide

Best Percussion Massager Guide

Muscle strain is a result of putting undue pressure on the muscles during strenuous activities. Since this is painful and sometimes debilitating, manufacturers have come up with new gadgets and tools for self massage.

These tools claim to improve blood circulation and relieve the muscle tension exerted on day to day activities. Even in the comforts of home, one can make use of these percussion massagers in relieving muscle pain and aches.

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Top 3 Percussion Massager Comparison

As there’s no perfect product that exists, these percussion massager reviews come with both positive and negative feedback from its users but if you check the average product ratings and individual scores for each, the pros far outweigh the cons.

So, depending upon which flaw you deem as not really a major issue, we present the comparison of the features of the three best percussion massagers.

Top 3 Best Percussion Massager Reviews

To begin with, we present to you the three best percussion massagers which comprise of the top three most high-rated and well-loved brands we have today. Check out their percussion massagers reviews and see if any of them fit into your lifestyle and daily routine.

TheraRUB® Percussion Double Head Electric Massager

The TheraRUB® Percussion Massager is a great massager for both home and professional use. Not only is this massager professionally strong, so that it can do the best massages, but it is also equipped with a 14 feet extra long power cord.

One of the best things about this massager is the fact that it uses percussions. This means that the massages are strong so that your muscles can easily relax and release stress.

Key Features of the TheraRUB® Percussion Massager

  • It has a 14 feet extra long power cord for ease of reach
  • Designed with dual head that comes with 3 free massager heads
  • It has a comfortable rubberized grip to prevent slips
  • It has a variable speed control to increase or reduce intensity when needed

Overall though, the TheraRUB® Percussion Massager reviews showed that it’s still well-appreciated. Out of 837 reviews it has a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0. It quickly relaxes over-stretched muscles and soothes sore joints.

Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Handheld Massager

The Wahl Percussion Massager is worth every penny for it has the ability to provide professional and deep massages in the comfort of your home.

You will be able to relax your sore muscles and to release the lactic acid buildup after training with a simple use of this great massager.

Key Features of the Wahl Deep tissue Percussion Massager

  • It is designed with a 3-speed motor for intense and body-relaxing massages
  • It has ergonomic handles for ease of use and maneuverability
  • It weighs only 2.5 pounds
  • It has 4 interchangeable attachment
  • It can reach deep into the muscle tissues to release tension and soreness

Overall though, the Wahl deep tissue percussion Massager reviews showed that it’s still well-appreciated. Out of 2,381 reviews it has a rating of 3.9 out of 5.0.

PowerFingers Deep Tissue Home Percussion Massager

One of the great things about the PowerFingers Deep Tissue Percussion massager is the fact that it was designed after a full size doctor model that has been used for more than 35 years and has been delivering quality therapeutic massages for millions of patients.

PowerFingers Deep Tissue Home Best Percussion Massager

This product is so powerful that it can move as deeply as 1/4” deep into your muscles to relieve muscle tension and fatigue.

Key Features of the PowerFingers Percussion Massager

  • Comes with 10 different digital speeds that you can easily adjust with a Rotary Dial
  • Lightweight at under 3 pounds
  • Variety of massage heads for different intensity percussive massages

Overall though, the PowerFingers Percussion Massager reviews showed that it’s still well-appreciated. Out of 9 reviews it has a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0. It quickly relaxes over-stretched muscles and soothes sore joints.

What is a Percussion Massager?

One of the innovative massage tools in the market are percussion massagers. Although this type of tool comes in different physical appearances, most of the percussion massagers have nodes and an ergonomic handle. The nodes releases vibration which can be manipulated depending on the settings used and the weighted massaging head allows the users to experience a deep massage. This perfect combination lets users feel relief on their soreness as their muscles are healed faster.

Since there is a powerful vibration released from percussion massagers, it loosens the tightest muscles and helps the person get back on his/her usual routine. The unit is actually designed in a way that it can be placed at any part of the body where pain is present. This makes it more versatile than other massage tools because strained muscles can be healed without asking for any assistance. Additionally, the settings in a percussion massager is easy to understand and can be customized according to the person’s needs.

Benefits of Using a Percussion Massager

Percussive massage involves rhythmic pulsating movements that help loosen tense muscles and relieve pressure. It may be helpful to avail the services of a masseuse, but owning a personal percussion massager allows the user to gain more control on the treatment. Even on a busy schedule, one can already experience an expensive spa treatment through this massage tool.

The percussion massager gives a lot of convenience regardless of the brand. Since it is portable, it can be used at any time and at any place. The massager has multiple massage heads that provides different options to users who want to relax their sore muscles. They can easily manipulate and change the settings to sooth deep tissues according to their needs.

Percussion massager gives several health benefits to users. It relaxes stiff muscles and relieves pain. It also minimizes anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and even digestive disorders. The cost of buying this tool may be quite higher than expected but it actually promotes savings than availing spa treatment every now and then. This tool can also be used by the entire family so everyone can take advantage on this percussion massager.


How To Find a Percussion Massager That Meets Your Needs?

There are several things to consider in finding a percussion massager appropriate for your needs. First, it is important to take note on the weight of the massage tool. Some of the massage tools in the market are quite heavier than others. Although it provides downward pressure and relief, a heavy massager can be difficult to manipulate in areas that are hard to reach. Lighter percussion massager, on the other hand, can be advantageous at some point because it is easier to handle and can be moved across one body part to the other.

Second thing to consider is the shape of the percussion massager. Most of the time, the shape can make a difference in massaging the areas where muscle tension is present. Always check the equipment if it is easier to hold and you feel balanced whenever it is used. A well designed percussion massager should not provide some levels of difficulty and fatigue.

Third, percussion massagers require plenty of power in order to penetrate the deep tissues. If you are finding for an energy-saver massager tool, assess the number of watts it can consume within an hour. Some manufacturers are claiming 40w where in fact it adds another 25w if you use the infrared lights. To be energy efficient, ask the salesperson about the electricity consumption of the percussion massagers and compare it with other tools.

Fourth, always read the percussion massager’s electrical compliance. The equipment should receive an electrical safety accreditation from a recognized organization in order to be assured on its safety upon using. Percussion massager requires electricity to vibrate and penetrate the body. If it has inferior electrical parts, it can impose danger to the user.

Fifth, always take into consideration the durability of a percussion massager. Be sure to invest on a massager tool that is made of superior material. Read several reviews and do research on the quality of the percussion massager’s guaranteed durability. Ask your friends or significant other who have tried the product. Their personal experience would be helpful in getting the right massager tool.

A Percussion massager is a tool that allows an individual to massage his/her own body. Since it is made with a lightweight material, one can take advantage on it by placing the massager nodes on the affected area. These nodes will vibrate and penetrate the deep tissues of strained muscles, causing it to relax and provide relief to the person.

Percussion massager is very convenient to use. By just placing it on the affected area, one can already get the quality of massage that spas offer. It also provides health benefits like relief on anxiety, insomnia, headaches and digestive disorders. This tool may be expensive to purchase but in the long run, it reduces the costs of going to massage spas whenever muscle strains are experienced. One just has to consider several things like weight, shape, power, electrical compliance, durability and price in order to get the best percussion massager for your needs.

Lastly, you can get a percussion massager that meets your needs by checking and comparing the prices. There are stores that offer affordable massager and there are also some that sells it expensively. Although sometimes, price is not an indicator of durability, it is wise to compare the offers of different stores and evaluate which one provides the best percussion massager at a reasonable quote.

Our Percussion Massager Tips

Percussion massager comes in different sizes and shapes. Since there are several manufacturers of this product, it is important to thoroughly check it before buying. The internet provides a great wealth of information regarding percussion massager and it can be helpful to read these reliable sources. Make a research on the product’s durability and quality of materials used. If there are studies about the massager, it would be better to know how it is done and how it can affect the quality of the product. Do not forget also to check the product warranty so that you can replace or repair it anytime at a given duration.

Once you have chosen and bought a percussion massager, always check its parts especially the battery. Keep the receipt as well as the warranty card for future reference and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the proper way of using it. Percussion massager can bring discomfort and pain when used in a single area for a long time. Usually, this tool should only be used within 2 to 3 minutes because prolonging it may cause trauma to the muscles. Customize the settings of the percussion massager and always take note on the safety guidelines in order not to cause harm while massaging. Adjust it according to your needs or preference.

As soon as you finished using the percussion massager, be sure to store in a safe place where children cannot reach it. Remove the battery and clean the massager according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a dry cloth to clean the massager especially those that are hard to reach areas. Do not use water because it might damage the product. Whether it is bought at an affordable price or not, following the manufacturer’s instructions can prolong the life of the percussion massager.



The Percussion massager is one of the advanced tools for self massage. For the past years, this kind of massager has evolved and provided more convenience to users. Some of these percussion massagers have additional features that make self massage a more enjoyable one while others are getting more portable. Since it also comes in different price range, users have more options on which product to choose from.

They can choose the percussion massager that suits to their budget or they can choose the ones they are comfortable with. Despite all these choices and preferences, it is important to note that getting a percussion massager should come from a reliable company. If not, it will definitely be a waste of money and resources.

The Percussion massager is a great innovation. Because of its portability, massaging can be done anywhere. It might be different from a human massage; still, this massager tool provides relief from strained muscles. A person does not have to go to massage spas from time to time because the percussion massager is good already.  This makes it a reason why a lot of people are using percussion massagers for their benefit.

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