Top 3 Massage Office Chairs

A massage office chair when used as a form of therapy has numerous benefits. These ranges from reducing stress to relieving sports related injuries. There are some reports that sustained massage therapy sessions coupled with other medical therapies can aid in reducing clinical depression.

For most of us, the desire for a massage comes after a particularly difficult day or week at the office. Sometimes all you need to motivate yourself to keep going and perform at your best is a good massage.

Office Massage Chair

But having to leave work to get the massage can also be counterproductive. With a massaging office chair, you get the best of both worlds! Not only will a massaging chair give you the therapy you need when you need it, in the long run, it also saves you valuable dollars that you spend when going to a massage therapist.

We will run down the top 3 best massage office chair in according to user feedback, reviews and features . We will touch a bit on massage cushions that are appropriate for office use as well.

Flash Furniture Massaging Black Leather Recliner

T & D Enterprises massage office chair

What We Love:

Heating and massaging function.

That this massaging chair both massages and heats is a godsend. This T&D Enterprises massaging office chair with ottoman comes with a remote control that dictates the 5 levels of massage intensity programmed into the unit.

The remote also controls the massaging feature of the ottoman. Aside from this, the massage chair also gives additional relief and comfort by heating up the lower back area.


As this T&D Enterprises chair is double padded in the back and seat, it is no surprise that users rave about its comfort.

Easy to recline. While some massage chairs are bulky and require a lot of maneuvering to adjust, the T&D Enterprises chair is not only lightweight, its reclining function is extremely easy to adjust.

Time limit. Each session with this chair last only up to 30 minutes. If this were a chair that was bought for luxurious relaxation at home, this would be a drawback, as one would need to awaken from a massage-induced slumber to reset the timer. However, when used in an office environment where one does not have the luxury of sleeping for one or two hours because of a massage, the 30-minute time limit is perfect.

Flash Furniture Love Seats, Black Flash Furniture Love Seats, Black $339.00 $260.46

What Can Be Improved:

Type of massage

While there are 5 modes of massage available for this  chair, users should not expect a kneading and pulling massage that one can find in higher end models. This chair is equipped with a vibration-type massage that over-delivers for its price point.

Height Adjustability

Unfortunately, this chair from T&D Enterprises fits like a glove only for persons of average height. Users who are shorter or taller report that due to the lack of any size adjustment mechanism, the massage points do not hit the appropriate areas on their bodies.

As this doesn’t have a height adjustment mechanism, this chair might not work with some office table heights.

Lock of chair for recline

Some users complain that the locking mechanism to keep the chair at the recline angle they need is difficult to lock into place.

Flash Furniture High Back Massaging Leather Executive Chair


What We Love:

Vibration massage

For its price point, the massage functions of this chair is pretty good. This chair comes with a remote control that allows you to easily control the massage intensity of the lumbar and thigh areas, the areas that receive the most pressure after hours of sitting in an office.

Adjustable seat height

The pneumatic seat height adjustment of this Flash Furniture High Back chair makes it an ideal addition to any office. Unlike the T&D massage office chair, this model allows you to adjust the height of your seat depending on your needs to allow for maximum comfort.


This Flash Furniture chair is as affordable as they come. If you’re in the market for an economical massage chair for the office, then this Flash Furniture is a great choice.

What Can Be Improved:

Reclining function

While this chair does come with a tilting function, users report that this is not enough to truly maximize the comfort of this chair.

Massage areas

With massaging functions only in the thigh and lumbar (lower back) area, users complain that there is a need to add massaging functions to other areas of the body that ache during extended work hours.


Comfort Products 60-6810 5-Motor Massage Executive Office Massage Chair

Comfort Products 60-6810-massage-office-chair

What We Love:


For those who are working in a chair for extended periods of time, the comfort of this chair is simply wonderful.

Price point

This chair does its job of giving a vibration massage to those who are feeling the strains of sitting in chair for too long.

 What Can Be Improved:

Leather odor

Users report that this chair has a very strong odor upon coming out of the box. Some report that this odor is easily done away with after wiping the leather down.

Pneumatic seat adjustment

Some users report that this adjustor does not stay in place when needed.


Using Massage Cushions

If you’d rather not commit to buying an entire chair or if you simply do not have the budget to purchase a chair, then the next best thing would be to purchase a massage cushion.

The beauty of massage cushions is that you can use these on top of a regular chair with ease!

If you want to bring the massage experience back home with you, since these aren’t as bulky as a massaging chair, you can easily do so.

We recommend the Five Star FS8812 10-Motor Massage Seat Cushion with Heat or the Comfort Products 60-2910 Ten Motor Massage Cushion with Heat (both are heated)

For more information on our reviews of the best massage cushions click here

Doing well in the office is essential to leading a successful life and career. However, if you’re hampered by extreme body pain brought about by sitting in an chair too long, this not only makes you unhappy, it also leads to a lowered productivity.

If you don’t have the time or the budget to go to a massage therapist after work everyday, then getting a massage chair to relieve your stress and body pains is the best gift you can get yourself. With the many affordable and good quality options in the market like those we’ve outlined above, what are you waiting for?


Quick Summary of massage office chairs

Get yourself a good chair that fits your office lifestyle!

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