Utterly relaxing Omega Massage Chairs

Omega Massage Chairs has rapidly grown into becoming globally popular. They are best known for providing top notch quality massage chairs and massage functions.

Having spent quite a substantial amount of time in designing each and every product, they manufacture chairs that are extremely easy to use and have a wide range of rich features. They provide smooth, firm and realistic quality, which are all important factors in any chair. Most of the Omega products have the ability to match the quality of the massage itself.

Omega focuses on the basics of what makes the entire massage experience ultimate. They have proved to consider the user as much as possible while designing each part of their products.

In fact, they have featured as pioneers in providing the industry with exclusive characteristics in their chairs and programs. Omega takes a great therapy approach by first investing remarkable energy and time into components and features which will be life-like and as therapeutic as possible. They have a wide selection of such chairs to choose from, all varying in price and features. Some of their best products are explained below.

Omega Massage Chair – Montage Pro

Among the many high quality chairs built by Omega, the Omega Montage Pro is no exception. Their being-champions in terms of high standards can be easily noticed in the Montage Pro Chair. It is specifically designed for people who want the best chair available out there. Some of the main features of the Omega Montage Pro are explained below.

The chair has a smooth and completely firm massage roller which features five intensity settings able to spot heal certain parts of the back. The roller is long enough to accommodate any person within 5ft and 6.5ft. This advanced roller moves smoothly giving you a natural and non-robotic feeling. There is a head and neck pillow works in tandem with the back roller, focusing purely on just the neck area.

They provide a life-like airbag system which is designed to offer a wide range of abilities and compressions while still ensuring comfort. You can control the airbags to allow for focusing solely on the problem areas. The Montage Pro comes with multiple programs namely Night, Morning, Activation, Vitality and Relaxation. These programs provide different types of massage such as the Chinese, Japanese and Thai massages. They are among the quickest ways which offer reliable therapy treatments.

The Montage Pro has notable special features in abundance. These include a touch-screen remote, Foot-flex Technology, Music Sync and many more. These features create a unique overall massage experience. This chair is bound to be around for a while, given its vast amount of features and benefits it offers. Its great design appeal, comfort and ease of use makes it perfect for those looking to have the most fulfilling massage experience. The Omega Montage Pro costs about $6,500.

Montage-Premier Chair

The Montage-Premier Chair employs the latest technology in its features which put you into a relaxed and tranquil state at the comfort of your home. It offers relief and stimulation for almost all parts of the body. It features five automatic programs: Morning, Night, Relaxation, Vitality and Activation. It also includes 4 manual massage techniques including Kneading, Rolling, Tapping and Shiatsu (a kneading and tapping combination).

You are free to choose from four back courses namely Lumbar, Cervical, Thoracic and Whole Back. That enables you to provide relief in the part where you need it the most. You can also manually adjust the back rollers to focus on a specific part of your back. The motorized backrest and footrest allows for reclining and inclination of the chair by just pressing a specific button. There is an MP3 player which is integrated directly into the chair, and includes a set of headphones to put you in a more relaxed state.

This is an all-in-one chair which has the ability to sooth while stimulating your entire body, from head to toe, including your arms and hands. This would be the perfect choice for those who are seeking to alleviate any stress and muscle tension while still being able to have greater control over the numerous massage options included within the chair. This Omega piece is priced at around $5,000.

Omega Massage Chair Montage-Elite Chair – with MP3 Music Player

For those desiring to experience a phenomenal massage, Omega culminates its efforts to meet your needs, by bringing to you the latest technology implemented within the features of their Elite Chair. At just around $4,250, this luxury massage recliner is able to scan your body, detecting both the shoulders and neck. It is most appropriate for persons who are looking to reduce fatigue, enhance metabolism and ease their minor aches. It is designed in such a way it offers comfort and ease of use. The padding is well done with the upholstery being ultra-soft.

This chair comes with a remote which has LCD readout showing you the various treatment options you can make use of. There is also a wireless sub remote which is actually the first of its kind in massage recliners. It enables you to make adjustments without necessarily having to get up. It works by targeting specific areas for pain, and then prompts you to select a massage technique as you wish. You’ll then have to select the area of coverage from the six different coverage options.

The eMassage experts highlight music as important element of massage. Omega acknowledges this by incorporating an MP3 Player along with headphones in its EliteChair. Listening to relaxing music will help in soothing your mind and releasing any tension from your body. This is the perfect massage chair to relieve tight muscles offering great therapeutic features at your disposal.

Omega Zero-Gravity Serenity Relaxation Chair

This chair is beautifully crafted with an elegant wood back cover and soft material, giving it an appealing look at any home. Omega made use of a simple concept from NASA in designing this chair. It reclines to a zero-gravity position in order to reduce pressure exerted on your spine hence allowing for better blood circulation and back relief.

The chair has several features which further allow for relief of the tense and overworked muscles.

These include 7 air bags, 3 automatic intensity levels, an MP3 player, 8 vibration motors to stimulate your lower body and 4 vibration programs, from which you can choose depending on the part you wish to relieve. In addition to that, the chair has heat therapy which can be activated at just the touch of a button.

The heaters allow for soothing comfort which relieves aches while reducing any swelling. This product would be most suitable for people seeking to experience elevated states of relaxation and invigoration. The Zero-Gravity Serenity Relaxation Chair costs around $2,500.

Omega Zero-Gravity Skyline Relaxation Chair

This amazing set is priced at around $2,200. Designed in a contemporary style, this hybrid chair looks great in any office or home. This would prove a great option for people who prefer elegance and beautiful styling as they experience their ultimate chair massage.

Besides offering comfort, it has advanced relaxation features to soothe, stimulate and provide relief for tense muscles. This Chair enables you to specify the intensity of air pressure from its 3 automatic options, in a way that suits your needs.

There are 7 air bags which are designed to provide relief to different areas of your body.

The Skyline Chair has a heating system which can be activated using remote control to provide warmth necessary for relieving aching joints and muscles. Music therapy is also included to release mind tension, which in turn enhances the entire massage therapy.

This recliner is motorized to enable reclining of the chair-back, hence raising the leg rest.

Inclining the chair back lowers the leg rest. This enables you to assume the zero-gravity position which distributes your body weight across your whole back. This helps to relieve much tension on various body parts.

Aires Massage Chair

The Aires Chair might look like an ordinary accent chair to you. However, it delivers much more than you would expect from it. Having a simple design crafted from ultra-soft leather, this chair would be a great addition in your home or even office. It features an air compression massage system which delivers a soothing massage on your entire body.

You can choose from the given automatic program or 3 manual programs that are designed to target the calves, feet, or back and waist. The chair has 19 airbags that enable you to adjust the pressure intensity based on your preferences.

You can activate the motorized footrest for a calf and foot massage. This footrest is equipped with heaters and rollers for a revitalizing and thorough massage for tired and aching feet. Each of the available programs last for 15 minutes, and can be programmed using remote control.

There is a built-in pocket, which you can to store the remote keeping it in easy reach.

This massaging chairs would be a great option for those who are seeking a completely easy-to-use chair. The Aires Massage piece is priced at around $1,140.

Getting a massage has many long-term benefits, in addition to providing relief. These include easing anxiety, stress and lowering your blood pressure. Keeping up regular visits to a spa or hiring professional massage providers consumes much of your time and money.

Massaging chairs are definitely a great option for people suffering from various health ailments and problems which require regular massages.

They are pocket-friendly and provide you with that much needed massage at any time.

You also get to control your session as you wish.

Omega massage chairs makes use of Foot-Flex Technology to provide some of the top chairs. Getting the best chair assures you of high quality service and satisfaction in the long run.

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