AW 50W Foot Massager Review

When the AW 50W Foot Massager hit the market in 2017, people were intrigued. Not because of its features, but because of its price. The AW 50W Foot Massager foot massager has similar features to its competitors, but it’s more affordable. More importantly, some of its features do a better job compared to its expensive counterparts.That’s why we wanted to review it. After a few months, the verdict was in. Here is what we found out:

AW 50W Foot Massager Review

Product Name:AW 50W Foot Massager
Dimensions:16 3/8″L x 13 2/5″W x 9″H
Weight:20 pounds
Overall Rating:4.12 out 5
Health Benefits:Relieve joint pains, muscle aches, and 4 more benefits
Best Features:Five Multi-functional Massage Settings, Five Button Touch Control

Why Use the AW 50W Foot Massager?

The AW 50W Foot Massager was built to ease the pain of excessive mobility.

People who have long days of walking or work long hours standing are prone to joint pains and muscle aches. With this massager unit, those pains and aches are relieved without the need for a professional massage.


This massager concentrates on the pressure points of your feet to improve blood circulation. The better blood flow you have, the less likely you are prone to muscle pains.

Below are some more of the notable features of the AW 50W Shiatsu Foot Massager:


Ease of Use: 4

Therapeutic Values: 4.2

Durability and Construction: 3.5

Price-to-Quality Ratio: 4.3

Customer Feedback: 4.6

Five Multi-functional Massage Settings

Unlike other massagers in the market, this unit comes with multifunctional settings. Whether you want a kneading, rolling, scraping, air-pressing or heating action, trust that this massager will do the work for you.

The AW 50W Foot Massager comes with three different modes and two strengths levels. You can choose from mild to strong pressure with a simple click. You can also have it combined with a heating option for a more relaxing massage.

Intuitive and easy to operate

This massager comes with five buttons visibly seen on top of the unit — time, mode, strength, on/off, and heat. You can easily adjust the length of the massage, the mode, strength and heating option as well as the power on/off. It is operated by a touch control with a light tap of your feet or fingers.


AW 50W Foot Massager Features and Specifications:AW 50W Foot Massager Features

  • Good to improve metabolism, reduce stress, increase blood circulation and promote relaxation
  • Multifunctional massager: kneading, rolling, scraping, air-pressing and heating
  • Five buttons for easy control: time, model, strength, heating, on/off
  • LCD screen time display, Three kinds of mode and two level of strength for choice
  • Can be operated by the handy touch-panel control on the unit


Customer Reviews and Scores

The AW 50W Kneading Rolling Calves Ankle Foot Massager has an impressive star rating on Amazon. More than 70% of the reviewers gave this foot massager a 5-star rating. Most reviewers praised the massager’s pressure settings. If you have any aches and want a good pressurized massage, then this might be for you.

What We Liked

Easy To Use

Another advantage is that it is extremely easy to use. The controls are a breeze to understand, allowing you to get along with your massage right away.

Easy To Maintain

When it comes to maintenance, this unit comes with a detachable cloth you can simply wash, dry and put back on.


The multi-functional feature allows you to choose massage movement you’d like to receive — kneading, rolling scrapping, air-pressing and heating. You can choose one, two, three or combination of them all.

What We Didn’t Like

Not for Sensitive Feet

The AW 50W Rolling Foot Massager is not for sensitive feet. Users will find the massager unit too intense.

Not for big feet

It can only accommodate up to US Men’s size 9.

Important Things You Need To Know About the AW 50W Foot Massager

This foot massager doesn’t massage the top of your feet.  All of the rollers are below the feet. Thus, it only hits the bottom and sides. However, the massager does press down on the top of your foot; giving you a good pressurized squeeze.

As mentioned earlier, it can only accommodate up to US Men’s size 9. Anything above that will make the experience bad. It won’t hit the right pressure points, it will feel painful and awkward.

Some have mentioned it coming on too strong that it kneads or rolls onto the pressure points the wrong way. An insider tip to mend this possible situation is to wear a pair of socks. This way, those with sensitive feet will find comfort in it.

Why You Should Buy the AW 50W Kneading Rolling, Calves, Ankle, Foot Massager

The AW 50W is among the cheapest foot massagers in the market today. It provides relaxation and alleviates stress but it pays to take note of the above limitations.

One of the best parts of having this massager is the convenience it provides. There’s no need to make an appointment with a masseuse or therapist. Simply prop yourself on a chair, position your feet into the device and soothe your muscle pains.

In conclusion, here are some reasons why you should buy the AW 50W Foot Massager:

  • Effective and healthy massage for personal care. Kneading is compromised of several small wheels that move in a “wave” type pattern
  • Multifunctional massager: kneading, rolling, scraping, air-pressing and heating. Heat is about as hot as medium on a heating pad
  • Equipped with an LCD display, three kinds of adjustable modes and two levels of strengths
  • Comes with five-button touch control: time, mode, strength, heating, on/off
  • Sold with washable and detachable cloth for easy maintenance
  • Can be used through its touch-panel control
You can find the AW 50W Foot Massager on Amazon.

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