Best Fragrant Massage Oils

Pure Rose Essential massage Oil

Massage Oils Are a Must for a Massage Session

Massage oils are the best method to increase the great effects of a massage therapy session.
In today’s massage practice, lubricants are viewed as essential for a therapy session and the preferred lubricant by most of the customers and therapists is the massage oil. Because massage oils are so great, practitioners have developed the techniques in order to make them more effective with the use of oils. Choosing the right oils, making a great massage oil mix, preserving and storing the mixture for longer times is not a trivial task if we don’t have all the information.
Why Use Massage Oils

Massage oils assist a smooth gliding over the subject’s skin. A smooth and frictionless glide will ensure that superficial irritation is avoided during the massage.
The oils provide nourishing elements to the skin and promote skin’s healthiness.

By rubbing in the massage blend, our body will be stimulated by the active components present in the essential oils.

The essential oils will also disperse in the air, and the client will inhale them. The active elements will then pass into our blood trough our lungs and act as natural medicines.

Preblended Massage Oils
If blending your own massage oil recipe seem too complicated for you, just look at these great pre-blended oils.


The Base Oils

What Are the Carriers in a Massage Oil Blend

The carrier is a vegetal oil that can be easily absorbed into the skin.
The best base oils are the cold-pressed or expeller-pressed oils. The extraction method needs to make sure that the vegetal oil is not tainted with solvents and is not degraded by exposing it to high temperatures. While cold pressed oils are more expensive because the extraction is less effective and the costs with production are higher, they retain most of the nourishing components essential for a healthy skin.

Two of the most used carrier oils are the Grape-seed oil and Sweet Almond oil. Both of these oils are light oil and they are easily absorbed into the skin.
Another great base is the Olive oil because of its remarkable remedial qualities. There is some reluctance to the use of olive oil because of its strong scent and low skin absorption. However, in combination with any of the grape seed or sweet almond, would make a great base.
Wheat-germ oil can be added to any base in a proportion of 15%. Its antioxidant properties will prevent the oil to go rancid.
Other great vegetal oils are: Jojoba, Coconut, Apricot kernel, Hazelnut, Sunflower, Avocado.

Massage Oils

What are the Essential Oils

The essential oils are plant extracts with therapeutic properties. The extract can be taken from flowers, roots, bark, leafs, seeds, etc. The aromatic oils are very strong because of their concentration and are used only in a mixture with base oil. The percentage of essential oil should be around 3%, and this can slightly vary up and down. Some of the essential oils are so strong that they will cause serious damage, if you accidentally put it to your skin.
Aromatherapy oils are volatile. Some of them are so unstable that they will simply evaporate if you leave the bottle open. Some other will oxidize in contact with the air.
Essential oil are very different and they have different purposes within an aromatherapy session. It is essential to know the essential oils, merely because they can do more harm than good if we don’t use them properly.

Lavender Essential Oil

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Majestic Pure Lavender Oil, 4 ounce


The Best Essential Oils

Some great essential oils are:
Chamomile – used as an anti-inflammatory and a mild sedative,
Frankincense – great for the intellect, and also used for meditation and praying
Lavender – excellent sedative, mood enhancer, great for healing burns if applied immediately;
Lemon – used to lower blood pressure, a good antiseptic, effective for various skin conditions;
Peppermint – used with great success against digestion problems, fights against flu;
Rose – is probably one of the most expensive essential oils, but it is worth every penny. One of the best aphrodisiacs and mood enhancer.
For a more complete list of essential oils and their properties check the Essential Oil page.

Everyone has their own preference for essential oils, and that is based on their affinities and needs.
My personal favorites are Lemon, Frankincense, and Lavender. Lemon intensifies all my senses and creates an oasis of freshness. Lavender your ally in your intimate adventure because it creates invisible bonds between people of opposite sex. Frankincense is well known for its ability to enhance the spiritual experiences.

How to Buy and Preserve Massage Oils

Buying essential oils is not simple because of the missing regulation in the industry. Many times the aromatherapy oils contain fragrance, chemicals, solvents, or enhancers, or even cheaper oils extracted from similar plants, but with different properties. Most of the times these are advertised on the recipient.
Storing the oils for extended periods of time is not advisable to begin with. However, to a certain extent, we can prolong the life shelf of a massage oil, following a few simple rules.
Whenever you buy oils and make your own blend follow these rules:
  • All carrier oils will eventually go rancid, and essential oil will evaporate or oxidize. Make only the amount of massage oil that you use for a short period.
  • The best natural ways to extend the life of your massage oil are to mix them with wheat germ oil, or add a few drops of Vitamin E. Keep your oils at lower temperatures to extend their shelf life, heat accelerates the process of going rancid. The fridge is OK for oils, although the waxes in oil will crystallize at the lower temperatures. Most of the times, once warmed up all of the crystals will become liquid again.
  • Bottle the oil blend immediately after you mixed it – as essential oils are very volatile and evaporate quickly when exposed to the air. Some of them oxidize very fast in contact with air.
  • When you use it, the massage oil needs to be warm for a pleasant experience. The heat will accelerate the alteration process of your blend. (Make only what you use.)
  • Never use mineral oils for a massage. Mineral oils are not absorbed by the skin, and if they are, they can be harmful.
  • Use only the recommended percentage of essential oils in your blend. Usually 3% to 4% essential oil and the rest should be the base. For stronger oils 1% is more than enough.
  • Pre-blended oils are good if you trust the manufacturer. Sometimes this is just a way to sell cheap products at a higher price.
  • Less is more, do not blend too many oils, most of the times the simpler blends are more effective. The rule is that you need to keep it under three essential oils per blend.
  • Store your massage oil in a glass brown container. Most of the essential oils are strong enough to break down plastic over time. The brown glass will protect your oil from sunlight.
  • When looking for a specific essential oil, and you find different names and big price differences, look for the scientific name of the plant.
    Plants with the same common name could be different botanical varieties.
  • When doubting the origin of the oil, check the reputability of the producer and look for online reviews. The Amazon is one of the best places to buy, because of their great review system.
  • You are looking for essential oils and not aromatherapy oils. Many times under the name of aromatherapy oil hides a blend of essential oil and a cheap base, such as a carrier, alcohol, etc…
  • Essential oils that were extracted from organic crops, or wild-grown plants are the best.

Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almond Oil is one of the best moisturizing oils and it is great in any massage blend because it’s light, it is easily absorbed into the skin, and it smells great.
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NOW Foods Sweet Almond Oil, Moisturizing Oil, 16 ounce

Massage Oils Recipes

Homemade Massage Oils

A massage oil is usually a combination of two or more oils. The combination contains at least a base oil, the carrier, and one or more essential oils (aromatic oils).
  • Romantic massage oil Recipe
    Quarter-cup of grape-seed oil and a quarter-cup of sweet almond oil.
    Add five drops of cinnamon oil, five drops of orange oil, and ten drops of ylang ylang oil.
  • Calming and Relaxing Massage Oil Recipe
    Two tablespoons Jojoba oil, and two tablespoons of grape-seed oil for the base.
    Mix the base with ten drops of rosemary oil, ten drops of lavender, and ten drops bergamot oil.
  • Invigorating Massage Oil Recipe
    Make your base by blending six tablespoons of sunflower oil and six of grape-seed oil.
    Add to your base 1 drop of orange blossom essential oil, two drops of cardamom, 2 drops jasmine, and six drops of bergamot essential oil.
  • Aphrodisiac Massage Oil
    Your base will be two tablespoons sweet almond oil.
    Mix in 10 drops pure rose oil, (rosa damascena), and 8 drops geranium oil. Add two drops of black pepper essential oil.

Pure Rose Essential Oil

Rosa Damascena – Rose essential oil. Rose essential oil is the best aphrodisiac aromatherapy oil.
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Rose Essential Oil (Bulgarian) – 100% Pure Essential Oil – 5ml

Did You Know?

On of the most common spelling mistakes is to spell “message oils” instead of “massage oils”?

Rose Geranium Essential Oil

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100% Pure Uncut Rose Geranium Essential Oil 4 Ounces

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