Five Minute Massage: A Short Way of Relaxation

Massage takes a long period of time. There is this fact that we are busy in our lives. No time for relaxation. Well, if that’s the case, we will give you an idea. An idea on how to massage a person in just 5 minutes.  This is an idea for people who does not have any time for full-session massage treatments. A great massage for such people out there who needs to have relaxation for a short moment of time.

These are several steps to give a 5 minute massage:

Use forearm compression.

Rest your forearms on your partner’s shoulders, close to the neck. Keep your palms down and let the fleshy part of your forearm lie on their muscles. Let your weight go straight down onto their shoulders. Don’t push forward.  In about one and a half minute, it will be relaxing.

Hold the pressure for several seconds and lift your arms slowly.

Continuing to the next step, hold the pressure. Move them along the shoulder one inch. Push downward again. Move the pressure and vice versa. Repeat from the starting position. This gives your partner more relaxing sensation in the part of the body in which the pressure is applied. Approximately 30 seconds is needed for the application of this pressure.

Rub their shoulders.

It is time to rub their shoulders. Move to your partner’s side. Touch the tip of their shoulder with your fingers. Move slowly toward their neck. Right now, you feel soft muscles. Place your thumbs on the soft spot. Place one thumb on top of the other for reinforcement. Press straight down with your thumbs, slowly. Hold the thumbs on the muscle for a few seconds. Slowly ease the pressure. Move a thumb width towards the neck, and repeat. You will reach the neck. Go back to the starting position and repeat. Repeat on the other shoulder. In a time limit of one minute, a soothing, relaxing sensation is experienced in their shoulders.

Massage their neck.


Next is their neck. Stand on your partner’s side. Standing to the right, make a C-shape with your left hand. Place it on the back of your partner’s neck. Press gently into the neck with fingers and thumbs. Maintain a small amount of pressure and do a soft circular kneading action with your hand. Do 5 motions for each spot. Move up and down the neck and repeat. Don’t pinch the skin or slide your hand excessively. Most of this technique should consist of finger movements. In a minute or two, this massage on the neck is as good as you’re in a massage treatment.

Use gentle brushing motions along your partner’s head and back areas. 
To finalize the massage, use this technique like you are picking lint off.  Alternate the two hands to create an even feeling on your partner’s back areas. This gives him/her the final relaxation of your five minute massage.

In these times, people does not have any time for massage. This will work out to those people who wants to be relaxed even with a short amount of time. People who are busy in their lives can use this for themselves and their partners. With this, they can benefit the powers of 5 minute massage, in an easy way.