5 Way on How to Avoid Injuries during Massage

Massage is a good enhancement for our health. Its effects are science-proven to improve one’s health. It is good for reducing stress, pain, etc.  To some of us who massage, we get to see our loved ones happy.

On top of that, there are times that we are easy to tire that they cannot finish a proper massage. This even results in accidental injuries.

Here are five principles that can help a person to avoid injuries in massage, with safety and ease:

Keep your shoulders relaxed.
Moving your shoulders is a part of massage. It is a good essential tool for a proper massage, that  you use it with excess force. There are times that it causes tension to your shoulders. Try relaxing your shoulders. An advice is that relax your shoulders must rest after every 3 minutes of massage. This would bring comfort to your body as you massage others

Keep your back straight and avoid bending.

The back consists of many bones and muscles. Bending with excessive force leads to strains and sprains. Daily activities already affected your back. You wouldn’t need to put much more pressure in it. Relax. Keep your back straight. Avoid bending it. It gives you comfort and avoid injuries in massaging a person.

Relax your hand between each movement.

Excessive effort in using your hands may lead to strain injuries. Strain injury in the wrists results in pain, aching, weakness, and decreased coordination. By decreasing the effort on your hand as you massage, it would avoid getting strains. It is advice-able that you rest your hands by stretching the fingers. Spread your hands. Close it. Repeat. It is to avoid more tension in your hands and to avoid injury.

Take a slow, even pace.

With a slow pace, you can prevent any injury in your hands. Not only that, it can help you conserve energy to continue the massage to the person. With this implied, you can relax as you continue to massage the person with effectiveness.

Use your thumbs as little as possible.

By using your thumbs in periods of time can lead to strain injuries in your hand. Try to lessen the power that you exert in your thumbs. Use your fingers. Give the massage the balanced strength each finger does. This helps to manage the power of your thumb, as you massage the person with effectiveness.

Massage is not only for one person. It’s better for us to know and caution people who massage others. This helps to reduce the risk of people to have injuries in their arms and hands as they massage. By this, we can prevent injuries as we massage other people.