Top 15 Surprising Benefits of Foot Massages

Top 15 Surprising Benefits of Foot MassagesEverybody enjoys a good foot rub. Relief and relaxation are two of the many benefits of foot massages. Whether you’ve been standing all day or running for a long time, a foot massage always hits the spot.

Otherwise known as “zone therapy”, it’s proven to be one of the best ways to relax your mind and body. In fact, foot massages date all the way back to ancient Egypt. We kid you not. That’s over 5,000 years ago our ancestors started rubbing each other’s feet.

Top 15 Surprising Benefits of Foot MassagesA foot massage is based on the tenets of reflexology — the application of pressure on key points in the foot. It’s commonly done by rubbing one’s palms with essential oil or lotion and gently stroking the foot from toes to ankles. Rubbing one’s toes and massaging the spaces between the toes also constitute a foot massage.

Some prefer seeing a masseuse or therapist for a foot massage. Others enjoy the use of foot massagers at the comfort of their own home. Whichever you prefer, foot massages can work wonders in more ways than one.


Here are top 15 surprising benefits of foot massages:

  1. Reduce depression

Depression is a major cause of some of the world’s killer diseases. Regular foot massages help alleviate depression thanks to its soothing and calming properties. It is also believed that certain pressure points on the feet can help fight depression. That’s why it pays to massage this area 2-3 times a day. Maybe you wouldn’t need those subscribed pills after all!


  1. Enhance sex life

Foot massages are surprisingly, a popular form of foreplay among sexually active people. This is a little know benefits of foot massages. Science found that the feet can be a great fire starter in bed. Planning your next romantic night? All you need now to set the mood are some scented candles, a bit of Marvin Gaye and good squeeze of edible warming massage oil.


  1. Treat sports injuries

Many athletes suffer from various injuries due to muscle soreness. Often, this swelling is experienced on the feet. The absence of regular massages can ultimately affect their careers as amateur or pro athletes. So at any time you feel there’s something wrong on the muscles of your feet, you may want to seek a therapist to get that fixed right away.


  1. Facilitate homeostasis

Homeostasis is the state of equilibrium or balance. When you fail to have inner balance within your body, you are more prone to sicknesses. From your bodily functions to your mood, imbalance can rock your world like a tumultuous storm. A good ol’ foot massage help facilitate homeostasis. It ensures your body is functioning the right way.


  1. Help with headache and migraine

Some would think that foot massages aren’t going to help with their headache. One of the less common known benefits of foot massages is that a good foot rub can ease your migraine. In fact, a study in Denmark found that those who suffer from headaches found relief after receiving reflexology treatment on their feet. 65% had reduced symptoms while some had been completely cured.


  1. Alleviate PMS

If you’re a woman, you would understand the unbelievable pain PMS can cause you. From wild mood swings to unforgiving dysmenorrhea, it’s one thing all women hoped didn’t exist. The good news is a foot massage machine can help alleviate the pains of PMS. Do this on a daily basis and you’ll be feeling a lot better in no time.


  1. Reduce effects of edema in pregnant womenReduce edema in pregnancy

Edema is the swelling due to fluid retention in the feet and ankles. It’s a common condition among pregnant women entering their last trimester. It can be exceptionally painful but could be reduced with daily foot massage which enhances blood circulation. Be sure to pair it with adequate rest and the right diet for optimum effect.


  1. Help people with flat feet

People with flat feet lack the normal foot arch others have. This makes them more prone to regular foot aches, which can be particularly hard to live with. Foot massages can dramatically reduce the pain felt on the foot arch. Whether you’re using a massager or fingers, a deep massage in the area can make it a lot easier to live with flat feet.


  1. Promote better sleep

Sleep is essential to proper body function. A lack of it can lead to minor and major complications we could experience later on in life. That’s why we highly recommend 10 minutes of foot massage everyday. It helps the body unwind, which improves your blood circulation. It then relaxes the nerve and encourages a better, more restful sleep.


  1. Reduce high blood pressure

High blood pressure is associated with more than 300,000 deaths in America alone. As simple as a regular therapeutic foot massage can better your chances at living a better life if you suffer from hypertension. Furthermore, natural treatment like a massage may help reduce your intake of high blood pressure medications.


  1. Bring relief from cancer symptoms

Scientists from Michigan State University studied breast cancer patients undergoing treatment in 2012. They found that after receiving regular foot massages, these patients reported reduction of physical symptoms like shortness of breath and better energy levels.Benefits of foot massage


  1. Help relieve gout pain

Gout is a form of arthritis that cause swelling and pain on the big toe. This condition can lead to major sleep deprivation. Thankfully, as simple as a regular foot massage can help relieve people from their gout pain. Massaging the feet induces relief and relaxation that can also improve one’s sleeping habits. So if you or anyone in the household is suffering from gout, go for a good rub on the foot.


  1. Provide relief from multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is an often disabling disease of the central nervous system. It affects the signals being sent to both the brain and body, often leaving the person at a loss. A reflexology-based foot massage can help relieve people with MS from the crippling fatigue they experience.


  1. Improve digestion

Your digestive process is finely tuned but can easily be disrupted. Believe it or not, reflex points for the digestive system are found on the plantar surface of both feet. Applying the right amount of pressure in this area can improve your digestion and help fight constipation.


  1. Boost energy

If energy drinks and coffee aren’t giving you that boost you need, maybe a trip to the masseuse or therapist will do the trick. When the foot is palpated the right way, energy is produced in the body. It also releases blockages, paving the way for a much more energized you.

A good massage almost miraculous thanks to its many benefits. So just before you turn to unnatural medicines and treatments, you may want to get a good rub on the foot first.