How to Choose The Best Foot Massager

If you’re someone who wants to buy a foot massager, but doesn’t know how to, then this is for you. We will guide you on how to choose the best foot massager. By the end of this guide, you’ll have an idea what foot massager to buy that is in line with your needs, budget and convenience.

Majority of people can’t differentiate an average foot massager from a high quality one. It’s simply because the market is bombarded with thousands of foot massagers. What makes it more difficult is that most of them look and feel alike.

No matter what other people say, these are the ONLY FIVE THINGS you should consider before buying a foot massager.


Size and weight is important. The most ideal foot massagers should fit your home. It should be easy to store and move around the house. Heavy foot massagers are great for those who only use it at one part of the house. If you constantly need to move it around, you need a light weight foot massager.

Aside from size and weight, the massager’s foot size opening is another important thing to consider. You need a foot massager that will fit comfortably with the size of your feet. Not only that, you need to make sure it hits the most important parts of your feet. If you buy a foot massager to relieve heel soreness, then make sure your feet fits so that your heels get hit by the massage nodes.


Foot massagers have different set of features. It is then only logical to see if they are easy to use. Are they easy to manipulate to your needs and wants?

Some features are more beneficial to others than yours. That’s why, before buying one, check the features and specifications. Determine if they are what you are looking for.

Below are the most common features of high-end foot massagers. Each feature has their own benefits. All can give you a relaxing feeling, but not all can give you pain relief or soreness. So choose wisely…

Cushion Surface: Most massagers have these. This is where you place your feet. Cushion surfaces are generally made of soft foam injected with gel or malleable plastic pads. They were created to ensure comfort during massaging.

Find cushion surfaces that contour to your feet. It will give you a better experience. The massages will be more relaxing and have more impact. You will feel the kneading, rolling, and massage nodes better.

kendal shiatsuSpeeds: Foot massagers have typically two to three speeds. Other massagers have more. You can change the speeds to your liking for a more customized massaging experience. It is advisable to test every speed setting and feature. Find the setting that feels the best. If not, you might just take home a massager that is either too strong or too weak for you.

Before buying a foot massager with different speeds, be sure it has paddings or non-slip foot placements. These are located on the bottom of the massager. They are there so your feet will not slip out while you use the different speeds.

Control Options: The controls are generally located at the body of the device. Each time you want to make adjustments, you’ll have to reach for it. Some see this as a nuisance. If you’re one of them, opt for massagers that have toe-touch controls or remote controls.

With toe-touch controls, you can operate the machine by simply pressing the button with your toe. No need to bend down. Massagers with remote controls are the best. They allow you to manipulate the setting without changing positions. But we have to tell you, these options are more expensive.

homedics FMS-270H deep kneading shiatsu foot massagerHeating Function: Heat therapy relieves foot pain. The therapeutic benefits of foot massagers are also increased with heat. For this reason, a lot of of newly released foot massagers have a heat function.

The heat function will only hit specific areas of your foot. It may be the bottom or to the upper foot and ankle. If you want the heating function, find the massager that heats the parts you want.


Relief and relaxation are two of the main reasons why people buy foot massagers. Unfortunately, both of these are hard to measure objectively. A nurse, who stands all day, might try a foot massager and love it. But a person with ticklish feet might find the same foot massager too hard on the feet.

How do you then choose the best foot massager?

Well, aside from relief and relaxation, we should know what therapeutic values the foot massagers provide.

Below are four of the most common types of foot massagers today. They provide different kinds of relief, relaxation, health benefits and therapeutic values.

There are massagers that will help you soothe dry feet. Some will hit the soft tissues. Meanwhile, the others will keep your feet nourished and healthy. Your choice will depend on your needs.

BrookstoneShiatsu Foot Massagers: These provide the closest form of real life massages. The massage nodes and heads within the massager imitate that of a professional massage therapist. They are filled with counter rotating heads that are based on the principle of reflexology. With Shiatsu Foot Massagers, you’ll have the most life-like foot massaging experience.

– best overall feeling
– has therapeutic values

– Expensive
– Bulky

medimassager 3

Electric Massagers: Electric Foot Massagers are the most popular type of foot massager in the market. The massage comes from the mechanical process of rolling and oscillating. They are designed to produce heat and vibration to relax the muscles of your feet. Simply slip these under and let them work. The technology behind electric foot massagers have improved over the years. Recent models are now targeting specific points in the feet.

– priced reasonably
– very easy to use
– on average, smaller in size compared to other massagers

– little therapeutic value
– feels like a vibrating box sometimes
– some find it annoying


Manual massagers: These are the most basic type of massager. Massage therapists sometimes use them. They are operated manually and make use of rolling technology. Manual massagers massage the soft tissues of the feet. You can manually manipulate the massager — localize the massage or concentrate on certain areas of the feet. This is the most economical option. You can find cheap manual massagers on Amazon.

The only drawback is that they are operated manually. You need to constantly keep your hands busy to make sure they work properly

– Cheap
– Easy to use
– small

– Little therapeutic value
– doesn’t feel very good
– requires effort


Water massagers: Water Foot Massagers are designed with foot massage options and bubbling water jets. The jet bubbles and warm water exfoliate your feet. Not only that, they help relax muscles, joints and relieve chronic pain. The warming sensation produced by the water is quite relaxing, enjoyable and keeps your feet properly nourished.

The drawback is that water foot massagers don’t apply enough pressure in the key areas of the feet. However, these are great for those who have tired and dry feet. For those who only seek relaxation, water foot massagers could be a good option for you.

– relatively inexpensive
– feels good
– relaxing

– little therapeutic value
– requires preparation
– your feet are wet afterwards


The best foot massagers are made of top quality materials. Don’t get lured into buying beautifully designed foot massagers that won’t last. Do your due diligence in your search. Look at how the foot massagers are made and constructed. Learn how it gets its power, what materials were used and the company’s track record.

A warranty is always a great sign. It means the manufacturer has confidence it will perform well and last long. Most, but not all, foot massagers have 1-year warranties. Find out the warranty coverage of the product you’re planning to buy. If you can’t see it right away, try and search for the company’s or manufacturer’s website.


Now, more than ever, it’s easier to find what others are thinking about a product. A simple Google search will redirect you to hundreds of reviews. You’ll have an idea what people think, what are the good points about the product, what to expect and so much more.

For starters, you can start with our list of the top 15 best foot massagers today.

Aside from Google, Amazon is a great way to learn what other people think. Amazon’s review section is full of people that provide insightful reviews. Most, if not all, have used the product for an extended period of time.



We gave you five things to consider mainly because it’s easier to remember. To sum it all up, you need to consider the size, features, ease of use, feeling after use, durability, and customer feedback. All of these can easily be found online. You can search online, go to your nearest retail stores and see these foot massagers.

But if you have a hard time comparing them, you can always go to our list of Top 15 Best Foot Massagers. We ranked the best 15 foot massagers according to the criteria above. Our Top 1 Foot Massager has the optimum size, is very easy to use, has the therapeutic values, will last long and has great customer feedback.

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