5 Ways a Massage Can Improve Your Overall Health

Many consider massages as a form of indulgence. However, it goes beyond helping you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It has many practical health benefits that have transformed it into luxury to necessity.

Whether you’re an everyday working professional, an injured athlete or an arthritis patient, here are the many ways a massage can improve your overall health.

  1. Restores deep sleep

Just about every person we know is sleep deprived. In fact, 40-50 million adults suffer from sleep deprivation. This is a gateway to many health problems, which can compromise your overall well-being at an early age.

Studies have found that massages stimulate the body’s nervous system to rest and relax. It gives the person a better chance of experiencing deep sleep to restore essential tissues throughout the night. This way, you will feel a lot more energized and productive. No longer will you have to feel groggy, cranky or lazy each time you wake up.

  1. Alleviates stress

Everyone experiences stress. From top-notch CEO’s to a factory worker, there are a lot of ways stress can intrude and even at times dominate your life. This stress doesn’t only affect your thoughts and emotions. It can also affect your body as well.

Stress is a powerful feeling that migrates from your head down your neck, shoulders, back and the burrows of your muscles. With that much to worry about, you need massage therapy to ease the pain. It will cut down on the muscle tension and reduce the aches you have all over your body. Plus, massages feel great. It can momentarily help us forget our worries and be more at ease.

  1. Reduces symptoms of depression

Depression is paralyzing. It affects all aspects of a person’s life. That’s why it’s important to seek means to reduce its symptoms. Medications may help. However, a more natural solution is to have regular massages.

Research found that subjects who have received a massage had a level of depression that was less than 73% of the subjects that did not. This speaks volume in the search for more natural, conventional ways to treat depression since it boosts the body’s natural serotonin levels. Furthermore, it releases dopamine and oxytocin that is helpful in making you feel better.

  1. Relieves lower back pain

Like sleep deprivation, countless adults have lower back pains nowadays. Those long hours hunched in front of the computer is doing more harm than good. If you can’t commit to regular exercises or better resting hours, regular massages will help big time.

What it does is it stimulates the large nerve fibers in your back and sends messages to your brain faster than the pain you feel. That’s why there is always a sense of relief afterward. The pleasure overpowers the pain. Do note that massages are made to completely heal you of your back pains. However, it does an exceptional job at lowering the pain volumes.

  1. Improves physical fitness

Those who suffer from arthritis are recommended to receive specific massages on a regular basis. This allows their muscles to remain stimulated instead of staying static. Even recovering athletes undergo particular massage therapies to improve their muscles and tissues. Massages can also help prevent injuries and improve exercise performance.

So commit to getting massages every now and then. Whether it’s with the help of a massager or a masseuse, make time for it. An hour can go a long way for your body, mind, and spirit.