Simple Guide to Do-It-Yourself Targeted Facial Massage

A lot of us grew up believing we need to keep our hands and fingers away from our skin. We’ve constantly used scrub brushes and cleansing cloths thinking that this is the only way to maintain clear, vibrant skin.

However, this lack of self care and personal connection to your face may be the very reason why it looks dull. That’s why we highly encourage targeted facial massages.

Facial massages date back as far as Cleopatra’s days. The Egyptian beauty has been known to practice natural beauty remedies, fascial exercises being one of them. As early as 1710, a certain Jeanne Sauval published a pamphlet of facial exercises in Paris. She was the assistant of Ninon de L’Enclos — “the woman who never grew old”.

Hollywood star Elinor Glyn was widely admired for her wrinkle-free skin. She was keen on sharing her beauty secret to the world and published the book entitled, “The Wrinkle Book” in 1927 that contained various facial massages.


Benefits of Facial Massages

The face is full of nerves and pressure points. This explains why facial massages are such a luxurious form of pampering. It doesn’t just make us feel good. It has the power to make us look good, and beyond.

For one, facial massages prevent wrinkles. Gentle strokes on the tight muscles between the eyebrows and along the lip line can help fight aging. Moreover, it helps minimize dryness that lead to your face looking young and vibrant.

Targeted facial massages eliminate toxins in the facial area. Lymph fluids facilitate the removal of toxins in this area. With regular and sufficient muscle movement, these lymph fluids can perform their role and push out the toxins out of the face.

Enhanced mood has also been attributed to facial exercises. A study conducted in User Science Institute found that 45 minutes of facial massage improved the participants’ moods and reduced their stress.
DIY Targeted Facial Massages

You can seek the help of a therapist or masseuse to help you. However, you can perform simple yet effective facial massages by yourself, right at the comfort of your own home.


Here are targeted facial massages we highly recommend.


  1. Press your forefingers and middle fingers above the eyebrows
  2. Make small circular movements all the way up to your hairline



  1. Position your fingertips on the chin with your thumb beneath the jaw
  2. Move towards each earlobe using small circular movements


CheeksWoman getting a relaxing massage in a spa - head

  1. Press your palms underneath the cheekbones
  2. Move in circular motion from ear to nose to tone your cheek muscles



  1. Place two fingers on each side of your nose
  2. Gently sweep them from inner to outer corners of eyes to clear fluid


Entire Face1704627

  1. Place a pearl-sized amount of facial moisturizer into your palm and rub your hands together
  2. Gently sweep across face, neck and décolleté (neckline)
  3. Work your hands starting from the collarbone upward, towards cheeks in a lifting motion
  4. Continue lifting while applying soft pressure from your cheek to hairline
  5. Place one palm flat against your forehead, at the arch of the brows, and lift towards your hairline while alternating hands