Tips for Beginners

Giving or receiving massage can be relaxing and uplifting. Massage is a very unique way of relaxation for our body. For us to know what to do, here is a guide for beginners who wants to give a good massage.

Setting the Mood

We need to set the mood in the way to the essence of massage. That is, to give relaxation. By these methods we can set the mood in the right way. This is just a few ingredients to require when you want to give a good massage:

Tip No. 1: Relax yourself.

In giving a good massage, you need to relax yourself. It is not ideal for a person to massage if he/she is rushed and stressed. This will make a difference between a great massage or not.

Tip. No. 2: Play soft music

Play restful relaxing music in the background. A slow style yet relaxing music will encourage you to work slowly with your massage strokes.

Tip. No. 3: Use a massage wax/balm

Choose a massage wax/ balm that makes the person receiving the massage enjoy its scent. Wax also helps you to properly apply the pressure as you stroke your hand. But remember, not all people likes wax/balm in the process of massage. Use oil instead when needed.

Tip. No. 4: Create a comfortable position and warm environment

Massage tables are ideal for giving a proper massage. If you do not have these, use the floor, make the surface comfortable with blankets, pillows and towels. Make sure you are comfortable in kneeling on the floor to the part where you want to massage the person. There are many ways to massage a person comfortably.
It’s important that the person’s body receiving the massage is warm, especially their feet. A hot water bottle is ideal for keeping their feet warm, and heating is often needed during cooler seasons. Wash your hands with warm water in a warm environment to avoid your friend getting a shock from cold hands.
As you start the massage, uncover the area that you are working on. Keep the rest of the body warm and covered under blankets or towels. It is advisable that you cover the parts that was done massaged.

Now you’re ready to massage with wax.

Beginning your massage

To begin, take a small amount of wax in your hand. Rub it together to make a warm sensation through your hands. A best thing to do is to use a scoop for getting wax so that it will remain clean for future use.

Take a relaxing breath before you gently start your massage. Distribute the wax evenly to the portion to be massaged. Check your friend always as you continue the massage. Ask questions if he is enjoying and relaxing himself/herself as you continue massaging.

Massage Technique No. 1: The Softening Massage Stroke

When the wax covers the area you are working on, you can move to a gentle kneading technique. This is where you soften the muscle tissue by crossing the hands back and forth in action. It is similar to kneading a dough.
This action stimulates the muscle tissues and softens sore spots in the area. This kneading technique can be used for 5-10 minutes.

Massage Technique No. 2: Optional massage technique for sore muscles

Ask your friend if there are sore spots they would like to apply little extra pressure to. This is where they may have knotty muscle tissue. The aim is to offer them a comfortable pressure where they can fully breath and relax without any issue in their body. Use your finger or thumb to apply the extra pressure to the area.

Massage Technique No. 3: Chopping and Tapping technique

Gentle chopping and tapping technique can stimulate the muscle area. Check in your friend to make sure if they are enjoying the technique. For a lighter approach, tapping is useful.  Use your fingers to tap. Remember: do not apply the chopping technique to the bones.

Massage Technique No. 4: Gentle Pawing technique

This is a gentle pushing motion which is very relaxing. This technique looks like a little cat when they paw on a blanket. Use this technique as you finish, pull over the blankets back up and cover the client. You can practice this technique on a pillow before trying this to a person.

This is one of the things a massager has to be reminded of. Every client, family member or friends, needs relaxation. Set things right before you massage, and everything will go with the flow. Ask feedback to your client to improve your massaging techniques.