Foot Massager reviews and buying guides

No one can deny the health benefits massages provide. It improves blood circulation, eases pain, reduces muscle spasms and so much more. Not only that, it also provides relief from pain and great relaxation. But hiring professional massage therapists are expensive. Fortunately for us, there are other options. We can either learn self-massage techniques or buy the best massager units.

If you want to find the best massagers, you can read our unbiased and reliable massager reviews. By getting the best massagers, you don’t have to go to the nearest massage therapist anymore. You can get relaxing and relieving shiatsu massages within minutes.

Let’s take a look at the best foot massagers and compare their most important features.

Easily compare the weightpricesize, and health benefits of the most popular foot massagers today. With our sortable guide below, the time consuming task of collecting all of this data has been done for you.

You can compare foot massagers now. Click on the foot massager’s name and drag it into our sortable guide. If you want to dig a little deeper, you can read customer reviews and get the latest deals on Amazon.


You will find the best massager reviews here. We personally use the massagers we review or interview someone who uses them regularly. Even if you’re a long time user, massage therapist or someone who has worked with massager units before, we hope you will still find our guides and reviews valuable.

For people new to to foot massagers, we suggest you read our in-depth guide on how to choose the best foot massagers.

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If you’re not looking for a massager unit, then visit our blog. We provide useful and practical information; like step-by-step instructions on how, when and where to use different self-massage techniques.

A great massage, whether done by people or machines, are wonderful for pain relief or relaxation. We want you to get the massage and massagers you deserve without wasting your time, money and for you to avoid disappointment. Massager Guide was made for you to get the massages you deserve.

Our mission is to help you find the best massager suited for you. These massagers should provide you the right type of massage, right amount of pressure, must be durable and improve your overall health. Most importantly, it should fit your budget and specific needs.

With all the massager choices today, it can be a bit overwhelming to find the best. You need to compare them by model, features, specifications, size and many more.

Good news for you, we’re here to make the decision as easy as possible for you.

How Do We Find The Best Massager?

We find the best massager by creating a meticulous criteria. We then review massagers and rate them according to ease of use, therapeutic values, durability, consutrciton, price-quality ratio and customer feedback. There is also something that we missed out that we don’t put a metric. Mainly because it’s already out there.

People should also consider the size of the massager. For example, foot massagers. You should not only gauge size by weight, but also in foot size. Your feet should fit comfortably inside the foot massager you bought. This information can easily be identified by going to the unit’s manufacturing site. But we also include it in our reviews for your reference.

Below are the other metrics we use. We find the best massager by:

Ease of Use – Are they easy to manipulate to your needs and wants?

17654691 = Confusing
2 = Hard To Operate
3 = Manual Needed
4 = Straight Forward
5 = Even Kids Can Operate It


Overall Therapeutic Values – How well did it give relaxation, relief and improve overall feet health problems

14757281 = non-existent
2 = average
3 = above average
4 = Excellent
5 = the best!


Durability and Construction – What is its state after 10+ uses?

12769801 = Breaks down immediately
2 = Fragile
3 = Needs Care and Maintenance after use
4 = Can be used every day, non rigorous use
5 = Will last long even if used rigorously


Price-to-Quality Ratio – Did you get what you paid for?

12765831 = extremely overpriced
2 = overpriced
3 = reasonable
4 = justified
5 = Get your money’s worth and more!


Customer Feedback – What did people say about them?

1463513Reviews and feedback it got from previous users.

Using our meticulous criteria, we rank and find the best massager.




Here are the Top 5 Best Foot Massagers Today

Foot massagers aren’t for luxury’s sake anymore. Medical professionals sometimes recommend them to their patients. It’s because some foot massagers can help people suffering from plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, feet pain caused by diabetes, foot spasms, sore feet, and many more health problems.


Rank 5th:
Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager with Switchable Heatbelmint 3

Ease of Use: 4.2
Therapeutic Values: 4.4
Durability and Construction: 4.2
Price-to-Quality Ratio: 4.3
Customer Feedback: 4.5

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A shiatsu massage targets multiple pressure points on the feet, leading to improved blood flow. Akin to an actual shiatsu massage, the Belmint Massager hits all the right spots, particularly on the bottom and the sides of the feet.

In addition to the shiatsu massage it provides, this unit also delivers a deep kneading and vibrating action—both of which relieves aching feet. These features aim to ease the tension on your feet after a hard day’s work.

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Rank 4th:
Brookstone Shiatsu Foot Massager with HeatBrookstone

Ease of Use: 4.6
Therapeutic Values: 4.7
Durability and Construction: 3.6
Price-to-Quality Ratio: 4.5
Customer Feedback: 4.1

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The unit is designed to target your feet’s pressure points. Expect a soothing session each time you use this foot massager. You will feel a deep kneading pressure that thoroughly relaxes your feet. This deep kneading massage will hit your sides, soles and tops of your feet.

The Brookstone Shiatsu Foot massager is extremely versatile. This unit boasts of three primary massage options namely Soothe, Pulse and Energize.

The Soothe feature provides a calm and gentle massage that relaxes the feet. The Pulse feature is somewhere in between the Soothe and Energize. The Energize feature is made to provide a strong, firm and brisk massage.

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Rank 3rd:
LuxorWare 2nd Generation Shiatsu Foot Massagerluxorware

Ease of Use: 4.5
Therapeutic Values: 4.7
Durability and Construction: 4.2
Price-to-Quality Ratio: 4.7
Customer Feedback: 4.3

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The Luxorware 2nd Generation Shiatsu Foot Massager comes with unique parallel rollers. These rollers provide the wonderful deep kneading action. No longer will users need to visit a therapist or a masseuse to get their shiatsu fix. They can simply prop their foot into the unit, push the kneading button and let it do its job.

This foot massager boasts of five different air pressure options. These options range from F1 to F5. Compressed air has also been found to be highly beneficial for diabetic people. An air foot massager, like the Luxorware, can help heal foot ulcers brought about by diabetes in less than a month. This is major plus points for those who suffer from such condition.

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Rank 2nd:
MediMassager MMF06 Electric Foot Massagermedimassager 3

Ease of Use: 4.2
Therapeutic Values: 4.5
Durability and Construction: 5
Price-to-Quality Ratio: 4.4
Customer Feedback: 4.5

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What sets the Medi Massager apart from the rest is that it is FDA-approved for therapeutic use. It is also a CSA-approved foot massager, which has made it a top choice among doctors and therapists. This is a strong selling point especially among those who worry about product reliability and safety.

The Medi Massager isn’t a miracle cure for those who suffer from joint pains brought about by diabetes and arthritis. However, it does a very good job at improving the blood flow in the legs and feet, mimicking a professional therapeutic massage. It targets pressure points with its full sized oscillating foot pad.

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Rank 1st:
Clever Creations Shiatsu Deep Kneading Foot Massager

clever creations1Ease of Use: 4.6
Therapeutic Values: 4.8
Durability and Construction: 4.7
Price-to-Quality Ratio: 4.5
Customer Feedback: 4.7

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The Clever Creations Shiatsu Deep Kneading foot massager is one of the most effective massagers out there today. It works just the way it should and has left customers satisfied and happy. This foot massager does an excellent job soothing all kinds of feet pain. The heat option loosens sore muscles to better receive massages. Thanks to the air compression feature it also improves your blood circulation.

If you need a really deep shiatsu style kneading foot massage, then this is for you. Relief is felt a few minutes after use. This is the massager’s greatest strength.

The Shiatsu Deep Kneading Foot Massager boasts of multiple massage programs including 5 (five) levels of intensity, 2 (two) programmed combination cycles, and 2 (two) heat settings. It also comes with an automatic timer that you can set to 10, 15 or 30 minutes. Such personalized settings allow you to have the kind of massage you desire and deserve.

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